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Client feedback


"OMG! I truly love it!  Thank you for giving me a beautiful, lasting memory of my dear Dizzy that I will treasure always!  Brought a few tears of happiness and those who have lost a beloved pet will understand what something like this truly means!"



"Oh my god, she has never looked more beautiful! Thank you so much!  I can't wait for my husband to see her, he is going to be so surprised! She was his baby girl!"


"I don't know what to say. Am in tears here!!! It's perfect!!!! Thankyou so so much. I'd ring you if I had your number xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"


"Stunning, thank you so much!!


When I saw the photo yesterday... I shared it with a complete stranger on the train (I was so happy) ... She wrote your info down so she can tell her church group.  Before you know it - I won't be able to afford your work anymore lol."


"That is so beautiful :0) I can't believe how well you have captured my beautiful girl - Thank you so much xxx"




"Today, Emmanuel has given me the wonderful painting.  You did it so beautifully, just gorgeous, I can hardly believe it!  Thank you so so much! I’m so very very happy!!!! This is such a beautiful picture of Molli! Molli is a very special rat."


"Oh my god, amazing!   It's perfect Sarah, i'm so happy!!"


"Oh my goodness that is amazing - I can't believe that is a painting!!!  I am actually lost for words, it is stunning :) xxxx"


"Its just amazing. You are so incredibly talented. It is so life like!!!! I am so so thrilled with it and will definitely recommend you to anyone who wants a painting done "

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Shelly Crouse


"I have bought several of Sarah's drawings on ebay and was fortunate enough that she accepted a personal request from to draw a Lion's Head to add to my collection. She is excellent to work with and I love my drawing."


Scott T Pauli


"Sarah is an emerging young artist of phenomenal talent whom I’ve commissioned repeatedly over a long period of years. She is an enthusiastic, personable, results-oriented professional who embraces challenge and never disappoints. It is an absolute pleasure to recommend her both as an artist and as an avid wildlife conservation proponent."    


Diane Adlington


"I commissioned Sarah to paint my two beautiful pups because I knew the quality of her work. When I received the painting, I was even more delighted, Sarah captured the personality of my pups totally. A brilliant artist who I highly recommend."




"Sarah did a painting for my wife's birthday, She now feels like domino is home again. Thank you Sarah, my wife is one happy bunny"


Fruitcke, wetcanvas


"All the family are brilliant artists and extremely generous.  They are possibly the best known and most respected art family in the U.K.  Well worth following their example and tuition !!"


Mary Ford


" My family commissioned from you a portrait of my old faithful collie dog who passed away just over a year ago. It was a 40th wedding anniversary present to my husband and I . It reduced me to tears and I look at her every day. You made her look so real and alive again. It is a wonderful likeness in every little detail and to be done just from photos is remarkable. I praise your work to the highest standard and urge people to purchase your paintings."


Nick Parry-Evans


"Just beautiful ...... stunning colours. The internet does not do them justice. I have collected art my whole adult and have never seen anything like this done with pencils before.  I spent 20 minutes just staring at them !!"




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