I am a wildlife and pet portrait artist from Lancashire in the UK and specialise in highly detailed oil paintings and pencil drawings.


I have always been passionate about wildlife and the natural world. I have a Bachelors Degree in Zoology and a Masters degree in Biodiversity and Conservation. 

I draw a lot of my inspiration through my years of travelling and knowledge in the zoological field. Through this I create intricate oil paintings and drawings that capture the animals personality and spirit. 

Where I can I like to get involved with a number of wildlife charities and donate art and hold fundraisers through social media. I believe in the power of promoting conservation through art.

My work is sold worldwide. I have been a finalist in the David Shepherd wildlife artist of the year awards and my work is currently licensed by MGL licensing.

~About me~

Above photos: Sarah, her dad David and sister Rachel helping support the Animals Asia campaign, bear in the woods. Right image, My recent fundraiser for the Australia bush fires.