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About me


I am a published pet portrait and conservation artist from the UK and specialise in highly detailed oil paintings and pencil drawings.


I have always been passionate about wildlife and the natural world. I have a Bachelors Degree in Zoology and a Masters degree in Biodiversity and Conservation. 

I draw a lot of my inspiration through my years of travelling and knowledge in the zoological field. Through this I create intricate oil paintings and drawings that capture the animals personality and spirit. 

Where I can I like to get involved with a number of wildlife charities and donate art and hold fundraisers through social media. I believe in the power of promoting conservation through art and so far I have raised over £10,000 to help a number of charities. To name a few I've worked with Animals Asia, David Shepherd Wildlife, Explorers against extinction, Wires, Cheetah the movie and a number of Wildlife parks and small none profits. I am currently an Ambassador artist for African Wildlife art INVICTA wildlife fund. 

My work is sold worldwide. I have had my work published in two books, Britains orchids wildguide 2021 and I'm currently the front cover artist to a new York times best selling author Kate Carlisle (Abense of mallets). I have been a finalist in the David Shepherd wildlife artist of the year awards and have also been their featured artist of the month. My work is currently licensed by MGL licensing.

Aside from wildlife art I am a cofounder of the website wildlife reference photos, providing photographs to artists around the world, which I co manage with my father, David and sister, Rachel. 

For every order placed I plant trees with the company on tree planted. Creating beautiful art and helping to restore our natural world. 


Above photos: Sarah, her dad David and sister Rachel helping support the Animals Asia campaign, bear in the woods. Middle image,A fundraiser for the Australia bush fires Sarah ran. 

Right: Sarah and Rob from Explorer's against extinction at the charity fundraiser Sarah donates work to each year.

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