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                                            How to Commission a Painting 

If you would like to commission an oil painting , pencil drawing or pastel drawing of a pet, family member or favourite animal all you need to do is send me a clear, high resolution photograph  by email.  It is important to have a good quality photograph so that I am able to see the detail in the subjects features and therefore achieve the best results.  If you would like to send more than one photo for me to choose from that's absolutely fine.  If for some reason you are unable to get a high resolution photograph then I am able to work from old photos but it just makes it a bit harder. If you are wanting more than one animal on the piece I do not need to have a photo of them together (always hard with pets to get them to behave) so please send in separate photos if that's all you have. 


If there is a particular animal that you would like me to paint, but you don't have a photograph, then I can provide the reference material free of charge as I have access to an extensive image reference library. In this case, once you have given me an idea of the painting you would like,  I will then produce some photos for you to choose from and I can do some sketches for ideas for the painting if required.


A 20% deposit is required before I start the painting and I would normally have the painting finished within 3-4 weeks depending on how busy I am. On completion of the painting,  I will email you a photograph of it. Once you have seen this and are completely happy with it, then the rest of the payment can be made securely online by PayPal or UK customers can also send a cheque or bank transfer.  I give an unconditional guarantee that you are not obliged to buy the finished painting if you decide not to. You may also return it for any reason within 30 days for a full refund including the deposit




                                                             Price list 

        For prices in other currencies please use the currency converter below.  

Klarna is available. 

If you would like a size not mentioned below please get in touch as I can do any size required. 


Sizes are in inches. Prices may very depending on the number of animals or background work required.


Pencil graphite drawings. (Add £50 per additional animal)

12x9" £160
12x16" £195
16x20" £395


Colour pencil and pastel drawings (Add £60 per additional animal)

12x9" £175

12x16" £295

16x20" £495


Oil paintings 

For 8x10 and 10x12" add £60 per additional animal and for other sizes add 20% per additional animal


8x10"  £250

10x12" £375

12x16" £495

16x20" £695

20x24" £995

24x30" £1,300

30x34" £1,800

34x40" £3000


Dream series on canvas (animals in multicolour in oil paints on canvas with coloured or plain backgrounds)

8x10" £145
10x12" £185
12x16" £250
16x20" £350
20x24 £475
24x30 £650





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