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May 1, 2013

Hello and welcome to my blog!

This is my first blog. I wanted to start writing about my art and posting photos of my half finished and completed paintings for you to see. 

I am a wildlife artist who specialises in oil paints and realism art.  I usually do detailed work and love to paint fur.  


Anyway, recently I have been trying new things.  I started a series of paintings I called the "Twilight series". A line of paintings where animals are in the shadows.  It started when I found a photo I fell in love with. The photo was taken by Greg McCall-Peat who is a ranger in Africa. 

 I loved how the light was caught on the Leopard and the reflections in the water.  I made it a little more contrasted and blocked the colours into the water more, I wanted it to look dramatic.

After I sold this painting and got some great feedback on my facebook page, I decided to do more.  I ended up finding backlit photos and altering the contrast and brightness to make them have this effect. I now have more than 10 paintings in my twilight collection.  You can see this collectionin my gallery.

After the success of this series, I have started to think of other things that I can do to steer from my usual method of painting.  I thought I could try doing a monochrome painting.  I don't want to just do any old photo in black and white though, it has to be striking and have the right lighting for it to work I think.  I am on the look out and still brain storming for new ideas.  I will still continue to do my usual method, I just wanted to try and branch out a little bit.

So that's it for the first post.  I have so much more to say, but I'll leave it for next time :)

Thanks for visiting my blog.



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